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hi, this is a band appreciation blog, I post edits lyrics and quotes of bands, requests are always welcome so don't be shy ;)
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Love him **

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Anonymous asked: What PSDs & textures do you like to use?:)

hi :) all the psds I download for band edits are from deviantart just search for psd and download the ones you like (there are some really nice ones), I don’t have a preference really it depends on the edit and sometimes I make my own, and same goes for textures, I download them all from deviantart and these websites: (x) & (x), I like using watercolor textures the most though!

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Favorite photos of Matt requested by Anonymous. 25/50

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The new bvb album sounds like it’s going to be awesome!!

Anonymous asked: Wich psd, action and/or pattern you use in that edition? wannabhaner(.)tumblr(.)com/post/98755361372

I used this psd but I adjusted the layers and added more, I didn’t use an action i used topaz clean and smart sharpen + this texture at 2% opacity for the halftone-ish effect :)

Anonymous asked: Hi :) what's your favourite song of bvb? i love your blog :)

hey hey :) aaah hmm I think it’s perfect weapon bc it’s the first I ever heard and I felt very connected to it hehe I like their old stuff more but I also like days are numbered from  the new album.. aaand thank you so much :) this blog hasn’t been active in a while though I’m not sure when I’ll start blogging here again..

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You will always live in our little black hearts